Our Trees

Candy Cane Christmas Tree Farm specializes in several different varieties of fir trees.  Firs are soft to the touch with firm branches for ease of decorating.  Your tree is cleaned, wrapped, bottom trimmed and drilled if needed for one of our stands. prepared for your home with a full range of services including cleaning, wrapping and bottom trimming.  

Our Field Varieties:
Fraser Fir, Concolor Fir, Korean Fir, & Balsam Fir
This year we are proud to offer you freshly cut trees in the 6 to 10 ft range.   

We also offer potted living Norway Spruce trees that are  3 1/2 ft. tall for $79.99.


Custom Wreaths and Garland

Freshly made wreaths of many sizes and shapes are available in the barn or can be custom ordered.  Table arrangements and garland are available also.  Our quality is excellent.  Our wreaths have won first place at the Michigan Christmas Tree Association competition four times.   Cathy Genovese has won Grand Champion for her wreath making skills from the Michigan Christmas Tree Association many times over the years. In addition, the Genovese family presented wreaths to the Governor's residence six times over the last 20 years.


Tree Stands

We offer the "Super Pin Stand".  We drill a hole in the bottom of your tree for free if you are using this stand.  It's the easiest stand you can possibly use.  You lay the tree down while it is still in its wrapping, insert the peg from the tree stand in the hole at the base of the tree and tap it in.  Tilt the tree upward so that it stands straight and wiggle it into the stand.  The tree seats itself on the stand.  That's it - REALLY SIMPLE!  Done in less than 60 seconds!!!   Buy it once, lasts years! 
Tip:  Don't unwrap the tree until it is in the house and in the stand.  Saves a lot of grief.

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