Growing Christmas trees produces oxygen, cleanses our air and water, and provides animal habitats.  It is a natural way of combating the carbon footprint left by the demands of our modern society. 

You can help too. When you purchase a real tree at Candy Cane Christmas Tree Farm, you are doing your part to insure the farm continues to plant trees, bringing joy to families and improving the environment.

Protecting our precious planet has always been a big priority for us.  This is reflected in the way we manage our farm.  We do many chores by hand or using battery operated equipment where possible to reduce our carbon footprint in our community.  For example, all tree trimming is done with hand tools.  All weed control is done with a battery operated micron applicator which directs the micron mist it produces directly on the weeds, using about one quarter the product. We conserve water through drip irrigation, applying it only and directly where necessary.  Insect control is mostly done organically using IPM (integrated pest management).  In the rare instance where stronger components are needed, we use a backpack sprayer only on the few trees that really need it.
For these reasons and others of a more technical nature, we were awarded two major ecology awards in 2007 and another in 2009.  In August 2009, we received industry recognition from the Michigan Christmas Tree Association as an "Environmentally Friendly Farm".

We were the first farm in Oakland County to be certified under the Michigan Agricultural Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) sponsored by the Michigan Department of Agriculture.  MAEAP is a voluntary program that encourages Michigan farmers to adopt cost effective pollution prevention practices in compliance with state and federal environmental regulations.  In this day of spreading development, where the fragile ecosystems are often disturbed, the MAEAP program offers a systematic approach to ensure that everything we do on the farm is friendly to our neighbors and to the environment.
We have also been awarded Michigan Farm Bureau's 2007 Award for Proactive Leadership in Ecology Management.  This award also recognizes the work we have done to make Candy Cane Christmas Tree Farm a model of good environmental stewardship in our community.
We can't do this alone.  We consider you partners in our endeavor.  Without your patronage, we would not be able to provide this wonderful tree sanctuary in our community. 
We also thank Michigan Farm Bureau, Michigan Department of Agriculture, Michigan State University, the Michigan Christmas Tree Association and the National Christmas Tree Association for all the expertise they lend us members who are trying to make a difference.

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